Rice Calculator

Not sure how much rice to make? No problem. Just change the numbers in the sentence below to automatically recalculate.

To make ___ of cooked rice — enough for ___ of beans — cook ___ of dry rice. (Maybe round up to ___ for simplicity?) What a nice round number!

About the Calculator

The beans-to-rice ratio in New Orleans style red beans and rice depends a lot on personal preference, but generally it’s served with more beans than rice. We recommend serving a cup of beans over half a cup of rice. (So that means you need 4 cups of cooked rice per pound of beans.)

But how much uncooked rice is that?

To make matters more complicated, if you’re using a rice cooker (which we highly recommend), an industry standard rice cooker cup is smaller than a US cup measure.

Not to worry though. That’s why we’ve built this handy calculator for determining how much uncooked rice to measure out.

Note: This calculator is based on the assumption that rice triples in volume during cooking. Different types of rice could differ.

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