There are lots of ways to use Nunzie’s. Here are some ways to get a little variety out of your seasoning pack.

Cooking the Beans

Different equipment calls for different cooking methods, and each method imparts its own twist on the resulting flavor. Here are three ways to do it:

Cooking the Rice

Check out our rice calculator to find out how much rice to cook.


A pound of beans is a lot if you’re just serving one or two people, but fortunately, they make great leftovers. They’re even better the day after they’re cooked. And if you don’t want beans several days in a row, they freeze and reheat wonderfully.

Portion them out into freezer-safe, microwave-safe containers (rice at the bottom, beans on top, to minimize freezer burn) and freeze. To reheat, remove the lid from the container and use your microwave’s defrost setting for about 15 minutes. (Defrost time may vary with microwave and portion size.)

Bean Varieties

Nunzie’s isn’t just for red beans. Using different kinds of beans can dramatically change the flavor. Try it with black beans, limas, black-eyed peas, lentils, and more. Different types of beans cook at different speeds, so be prepared to experiment a little!

Other Uses

It’s not even just for beans! Check back soon for recipes! Follow us on Facebook and we’ll keep you posted about new content on the web site.

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