Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Nunzie’s?

You can click here to buy online, or in Portland, Oregon on certain days. Read more »

What are the ingredients in a Nunzie’s seasoning pack?

Dried onion, dried bell pepper, dried celery, organic garlic powder, organic spices, and organic bay leaf.

Is Nunzie’s gluten-free?

All the ingredients are gluten-free. We package it in a shared kitchen that also processes foods containing gluten, but we use dedicated equipment which is never used on foods other than Nunzie’s.

Is Nunzie’s organic and non-GMO?

All of the ingredients are non-GMO. All except the three main ingredients are organic.

Is Nunzie’s vegan?


Okay, but I have to add meat for it to be authentic, right?

Some red bean recipes rely on the flavor of the meat, but we believe Nunzie’s recipe stands on its own.

Feel free to add anything you like to make your beans your own creation. (That’s how it’s done!) However, if you do add meat, we suggest cooking it separately and letting each guest add it to their bowl if they want. That way your beans can be for everybody!

It’s not spicy enough! Isn’t New Orleans style food supposed to be spicy?

We wanted to make Nunzie’s as accessible as possible, and that means leaving the degree of spiciness up to you. Try shaking in a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce!

What’s the shelf life of a pack of Nunzie’s? I can’t find an expiration date.

All the ingredients are dehydrated, so the shelf life can be 2 years or longer, depending on how you store it. Cool dry places are best, so try the freezer if you want to really extend the shelf life!

The lot number stamped on the back of the label contains the month and year the packet was produced. The first two digits are the year, and the middle two are the month. For example, a packet with a lot number of 170900 was packed in September of 2017. (The last two digits are a sequence number, not the day of the month.)

Is there supposed to be a whole leaf in my Nunzie’s seasoning pack?

That’s a bay leaf, and it’s a commonly-used seasoning in red beans and rice. Just remove it before you serve the beans. It adds a nice flavor, but biting into one isn’t pleasant.

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